Novell Placement Papers | Placement Paper of Novell For The Year 2008, 2009 & 2010

Novell Placement Paper Novell Placement Paper

Latest Placement Papers Of Novell For The Year 2008, 2009 And 2010

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  • About Company:
    Novell is a leading provider of infrastructure software.
  • Company History:
    company began in 1979 in, as Novell Data Systems Inc., a hardware manufacturer producing CP/M -based systems. It was co-founded by George cenova, Darin Field , and Jack Davis,Victor V,Vurpillat, brought the deal to,Pete Musser chairman of the board of Safeguard inc., who provided the seed funding. The company initially did not do well, and both Davis and Canova left the firm. The Safeguard board then ordered Musser to shut Novell down. Musser contacted two Safeguard investors and investment bankers, Barry Rubenstein and Fred Dolin, who guaranteed to raise the necessary funds to continue the business as a software company. They, along with Jack Messman, interviewed and hireRaymond Noorda. The required funding was obtained through a rights offering to Safeguard shareholders, managed by the Cleveland brokerage house, Prescott, Ball and Turben, and guaranteed by Rubenstein and Dolin. In January 1983, the company’s name was shortened to Novell Inc., and Raymond Noorda became the head of the firm. Later that same year, the company introduced its most significant product, the multi-Platform Network Operating Systems (NOS),
  • Reqruitment Process:
    Login to the website,register yourself with complete details and the recruiter will contact you.
  • Employers Detail:
    Novell has 3,600 hardworking and well trained employees.
  • Website:
  • Contact Details:
    9/1 &49/3, Garvebhavipalya, 7th Mile, Hosur Road Bangalore 560 068

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