Qwest Placement Papers | Placement Paper of Qwest For The Year 2008, 2009 & 2010

Qwest Placement Paper Qwest Placement Paper

Latest Placement Papers Of Qwest For The Year 2008, 2009 And 2010

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  • About Company:
    Qwest is the total communications provider, offering Heavy Duty™ high-speed Internet service, reliable phone service.
  • Company History:
    Founded in 1996 by Philip Anschutz, Qwest began in an unconventional way . Anschutz, who owned the Southern Pacific Railroad at the time, began installing the first all-digital, fiber-optic infrastructure along his railroad lines and connecting them into central junctions in strategic locations to serve businesses with high-speed data and T1 services. In 1998, the Southern Pacific Railroad was merged into the Union Pacific, in which Qwest gained access to UP's railroad lines to lay fiber-optic cable for its telecom network. At that time Anshutz had a contract with MCI to lay nationwide fiber for them along the railway lines, he took advantage of this situation and laid his own fiber along with that of MCI. west merged with "Baby Bell" US West on June 30, 2000 through an apparent hostile takeover. (See article on US West for more information); Philip Anschutz owns 17.5% of the resulting company. As a condition of this merger, Qwest had to spin off its long distance operations actually located within the Bell Operating Company boundaries of Qwest Corporation. The resulting company was named Touch America, Inc.
  • Reqruitment Process:
    Login to the website,register yourself and the recruiter will contact you.
  • Employers Detail:
    Qwest has 30,000 hardworking and well trained employees to its credit.
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  • Contact Details:
    QSFT India Pvt Ltd Trade Centre Level 1, Bandra Kurla Complex Bandra East, Mumbai Mumbai 400 051 INDIA Tel +91 22 4070 0700 Fax: +91 22 4070 0656

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