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About jal bhagirathi foundationAbout jal bhagirathi foundation

About Jal Bhagirathi Foundation

Jal Bhagirathi Foundation (JBF) is a ISO 9001:2000 certified NGO headed by H.H. Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur and Shri Rajendra Singh (Magsaysay awardee 2001), and is working in 200 villages spread over 2500kms of the Marwar region in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. Jal Bhagirathi Foundation works towards strengthening the capacity of desert communities to manage their scarce water and natural resources through traditional best practices. With active participation from the community JBF acts as a catalyst and facilitator for the construction and restoration of traditional water harvesting structures in the Marwar region. Common property resources like pasturelands; sacred groves, gravely lands and cultivable wastelands play an important role in preserving the local bio-diversity. JBF is attempting to empower village level institutions to adopt a pragmatic approach towards development and restoration of common property resources, benefits of which will accrue to the entire village community. The strategy focuses on capacity building and training of rural community for development and proper management of ecological resources. The Foundation follows a participatory approach and emphasizes on strengthening village level institutions to effectively manage natural resources. Women empowerment is promoted through their participation in project planning, execution and management. Sustenance and effective governance of ecological resources is therefore ensured through participation of stakeholders. All programs, activities and strategies of the Foundation aim towards one goal: involving, empowering and making the village community self-reliant. The Foundation has also initiated an action oriented advocacy campaign to further the cause of a clear water sector policy and related reforms. It believes that the voice of the people should be heard before policies are framed for their benefit; from objects of policies, people should become subjects of these policies. For more information about the Foundation, please visit our website at www.jalbhagirathi.org

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All Jobs By Jal Bhagirathi Foundation! All Jobs By Jal Bhagirathi Foundation!

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Company Name: Jal Bhagirathi Foundation
Location: Jodhpur / Posted By: September 12, 2011
Experience: 1 to 0 Years
Qualification: UG - B.A - Arts&Humanities, Economics, Sociology,
Category: NGO - Social Services


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Company Name: Jal Bhagirathi Foundation
Location: Jodhpur / Posted By: September 13, 2011
Experience: 1 to 0 Years
Qualification: UG - B.Com - Commerce
Category: NGO - Social Services


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Results: Viewing items 1 - 2 of 2

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