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We know what exactly you must be thinking. (Gosh! Yet another job portal? Why people keep on replicating things?) If that is what is there in your mind, we don not blame you. However, to know better, try it out, and even before that, read on. is not a repetition, it is a revolution in the job market. When we say so, we actually mean it. Even after being born among the crowd of commons, we strive to carve a niche for ourselves. Our strength? Our genuineness and uniqueness. offers every other service that all the other job portals do, viz

Jobseeker's Features

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  • Resume services: We have the latest and the most revolutionary resume builder that qualifies in quality. Professionalism and accuracy of content are its assets. Often self-written resumes miss out certain essential elements as every industry demands a different type and format. Even formality of language shows huge alteration. Our resume builder makes sure you cover every essential point. Still if you believe in drafting your resume yourself, we have enough resources for you so that you dont not go wrong anywhere.

  • Try our resume template to accentuate the effects of your resume. We have a collection of extremely elegant, prim and proper templates to breathe in power into your professional statement.

  • When we say we are unique, we actually mean it. extends its most unique yet crucial feature- the Job Filter. Our Job Filter caters to the need of those who are dejected due to unscalable distances of their workplace from their residence. Fill up you pin code/ area code and we give you the openings that are near your residence or in the surrounding areas.

Employer's Features

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  • Free Resume search: search from our endless repository of resumes. We have resumes of jobseekers from all the domains.

  • Free Job posting: post the vacancy details of your organization and get immediate inflow of resumes..

  • Free Employer/Recruitment agencies/Consultant sign up: Not only the employers, even recruitment agencies and consultancies can benefit from our vast database of candidate resumes. .

Now comes the best part. We offer all these commendable services in return of nothing at all. is a free job portal. So forget about those monstrous service charges and additional expenses. Try It is the best one can get.

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