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  • About Company:
    I2 Supply Chain Management Enterprise Software
  • Company History:
    The i2 User Group was formed in 1996 with six companies as founding members. Today, the User Group has more than 150 member companies. Although independent of i2, the two organizations have a strategic relationship particularly around product direction. Sanjiv Sidhu claims to have arrived independently at the same conclusions as cognitive psychologist George A. Miller regarding the number of elements that one can process effectively at any given time The company grew rapidly during the 90's to reach its zenith at the height of the Internet market in 2000, when it crossed the $1B revenue mark. Rapidly falling revenues followed from 2002 to 2005, On 11th August 2008, a merger agreement was announced for JDA Software to acquire i2 Technologies for an enterprise value of approximately $346 million in cash, but this was called off on 4th December of the same year. But JDA Software Inc. came back again for a merger and acquired i2 Technologies on 28 January 2010.
  • Reqruitment Process:
    Visit the website,register yourself, with complete details and the recruiter will contact you.
  • Employers Detail:
    I2 has a turnover of 500-1000 Crs and with Employee Strength of 1001-2500.
  • Website:
  • Contact Details:
    i2 Technologies India Head Office Address : 132/133, DivyaSree Techno Polis, Yamalur Post Off Airport Road, Bengaluru /Bangalore : 560037 Karnataka ,India . Ph - (80) 30288888

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