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Accountant Jobs Accountant Jobs

Posted on: April 20th, 2010 / In: Finance And Accounts

Working as an accountant:

Almost all the companies are in need of accountants as they have to get the monthly and eventually the yearly accounts of the companies listed and sorted. The basic work of an accountant is to make sure that their company or the individual that they are working for pays the taxes on a regular basis to the country.

Types of accountant jobs:

There are four types of accountant jobs available namely: – public, management, government and internal auditor accountant jobs.

As the number of companies are increasing, in India, the number of accountancy jobs also increase. As it is a direct proportion, fresher’s and experienced people, both can avail a good amount of job opportunities in this area.

Average salary:

A fresher should expect an average salary, ranging from 4,500 to 7,500 per month, when working as an accountant. An experienced individual can earn up to 12,000 or 15,000 INR per month. Also there are some high end companies that pay their accountants more than this. It would all depend on the package that you receive from them.

As you go to hunt for jobs in this sector do not rely that you would get jobs only in the metropolitan cities of India. There are a number of companies who are located in remote areas as well, or in areas that are less developed but are making high profits.

Keep in mind that when you land up a job with companies that are on a growing stage or are already making high profits, you will be able to work more and also your package would increase.

All in all working as an accountant in India would be a decent job to opt for and with the increase in experience the job package definitely increases.

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