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Posted on: October 6th, 2010 / In: IT Jobs

From the 1940′s to the very early of 1990 is considered as the golden era or classic era of Animation, when two dimensional cartoon caught the very imagination of the world and the craze for 2D animation took force, whereas the later part of 90′s probably was dominated by 3D animation. The purpose of an animator is to create active graphics through digital graphics and computer animation. Modern day animators need extensive computer animation skills in order to work in the industry. Some animators have the freedom to conceptualize the characters and scenes as well as develop the visual graphics. Others will be asked to create computer animations based on another professional’s designs and ideas. Either way, success as an animator requires the ability to be creative, draw, and collaborate with others and an undeniably true talent to think totally different.

Animation and visual effects have today become an integral part of creative visual pursuits like, TV, Movie, Advertisements as well as other forms of visual communication. Jobs in Animation industry range from the post of Animator to Voice Artist to Models for design; animation is one industry that’s storming the creative industry and producing huge jobs. Animation jobs and Digital and Visual effects have today become an separate industry that corps yearly huge profits through various projects that are diverse and distinct, some of the pioneers of Animation industry include Walt Disney, Pixar, ILM, Weta Workshop etc, who have achieved high honours in various media related Awards, including the Academy (Oscar) Award.

Animation Jobs require minimum education, but excellent communication skill to put forward an idea, thought or inspiration to the team. Animation jobs underline the base of creative team work and brainstorming. Animation jobs are purely based on the basis of talent, and there are courses from private institute that teach you animation. Animation industry is thriving and an independent area of business which has a bright future filled with opportunity to the core, and to be part of such an industry can be defining moment of any professional’s life.

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