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Career Counseling: Choosing A Rewarding Career Career Counseling: Choosing A Rewarding Career

Posted on: April 19th, 2010 / In: Job Seeker

“Take a job you love and you will never have to work again”

What do you understand by having a career? A job that lets you mint money within months of pursuing it? Or a profession that gives you fame and power without asking much from you in return? If your answer falls near any of these, you are going to regret your opinion until very soon (not that I feel very good while saying so.) What we fail to understand while choosing a career is that money, power, fame and convenience are very distant terms and these should not be placed before some relatively important concepts. Career counseling professionals find an array of questions from perplexed, disoriented students every day. For them it is almost a daily routine to make a chef realize the significance of an apron over an executive suit. A career counselor defines his job as rearranging the messed up jigsaw puzzle of the career of his clients.

Every individual or precisely every student dreams a life full of affluence and glamour, even before getting hold of his degree. Student life is cocooned from the harsh realities of life and thus is spent revering about the rosy days that are actually far-fetched. It is good to dream but while stepping out of the threshold of student life one has to shake himself out of the dreams and get charged to accept that reality. Students generally continue to be dreamy eyed and when they find things not upto their rosy expectations, the whole world seems to close on them. Result, lost hopes and shattered dreams.

This is when they feel the need of counseling. While choosing a career, the students or rather the parents must identify their kids’ strong side. Generally parents see their children as their reflections and expect them to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams and aspirations. Here parents must realize that if they failed to achieve what they aspired, this is because they didn’t identify their strength on time. Forcing their child to follow the same path without trying to identify his inclination, would be a second mistake. Affluence and fame come when we start enjoying our work and accomplish it brilliantly. Now if you enjoy writing, you might not find great money at the initiation of your career, but when your skills are polished to sheen you can make more money than you can imagine. A writer if dons an engineer’s hat cannot sustain his satisfaction for long. Absence of satisfaction would turn into frustration before long and consequently, failure is what you face.

Coming to the point

There are few essential questions one must ask himself while on the crossroad of deciding his career.

1. What is it that interests you the most? What is the trait that makes the most of you?

If you are getting paid for something you would do even for free, then consider yourself luckier than almost 2/3rd of the working population. Most of us are stuck into doing things that makes us drained out and frustrated at the end. We may be able to accomplish the job some way or the other, but if there is no sense of satisfaction involved, it means you are not yet done with it. If you are reluctant to get up every morning the moment the thought of going to office crosses you, you are surely in a wrong job. Identify your skills, your strength. Don’t feel low if that doesn’t lead to a highly paying job as in a longer run you will be more satisfied and famed than most of your mates.

One of my school mates who always maintained a low profile throughout her school life is now a shining star in the world of fine arts and sculpting. She, unlike many others from my batch, chose to follow the path she was well versed in. Though many of us tried to deter her by making her realize the low lying graph of fine art market in India, she was immovable. Today we respect her guts and admire her skills, though from a distance. We are nowhere close to her2

2. What are your ideals? Does the profession you are thinking of pursuing come to clash with your ideals at any point?

Imagine the life of a salesman. He has to put in all he has to sell the product at hand. He fishes for various techniques everyday to lure his customers into buying an article. Now consider the plight of a salesman (rather a forced salesman) who never advocated the art of brainwashing and persuading. He never found himself good at making people do things as per his wish. He doesn’t have flair at it and he doesn’t find it right as well. If you would buy a product on display, you shouldn’t force anyone else to buy that as well. If such is his ideology, do you think he could do well at his job? How long do you think he would be able to continue as a forced salesperson?

3. What brings the best of your abilities?

Give some time to yourself and do some self analysis. Identify the trait which you can call as your ability. Everyone has some quality or the other. Only he or she has to invest time to spot it and work on it. A content specialist suddenly finds out that she can make better presentations than most of her colleagues. She decided to cash on it. Now who would hire a person to develop PowerPoint presentations? Believe me when I say that she got more clients to get their PowerPoint presentations developed than she got earlier as a content writer. Now she calls herself a PowerPoint expert and is earning greater packages than before.

Career Counseling doesn’t require a professional with whom you can seek advises. It is usually you who decide towards where you want your rest of the journey to head. A little self evaluation, with some self confidence minus greed and ego, would help you decide a career path that is worth pursuing for the rest of your life. Because at the end it is not money or fame that matters, self satisfaction and a profession you love to stick to is the reward you get from a correct decision.

The irony is, you think you are the one who choose your career, however it is the other way round.

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