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Clinical Research Jobs Clinical Research Jobs

Posted on: April 21st, 2010 / In: Biotech Jobs

Working opportunities in India:

India is a hub that is growing tremendously in clinical researching. Hence these jobs have risen in the current market scenario. The job basically demands ample researching for the clinical products and equivalent projects of the companies for which the candidate is working. When working in this sector a person need to have immense co-ordination skills.

Also, there are array of openings listed under clinical research jobs under pharma and biotech jobs section. One can either opt for positions like clinical research investigator, clinical data manager, business developer, clinical research co-ordinator or clinical research manager. While biostatisticians and clinical research associates are also in high demand.

Salary offered:

Pay packages are offered according to the experience and eligibility of the candidates. A candidate with bachelor’s degree with a specialization in science, pharmacy, bio science and medicines can successfully get an entry in any of the MNC’s that are operating in India. A three year experience can add a lot of money in your pay package, however, fresher’s are also paid considerably well in this sector.

Joining as a fresher with a post graduate degree can also increase the chances of your selection for the stated post.

Cities offering these jobs in India:

The list of cities which have placements for these jobs are Mumbai, Indore, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Haryana, Bangalore and all those cities where you would find clinical factories and companies carrying out researches.

Present situation in the Indian market:

Budding companies are offering decent enough packages as this sector is making its way to the upside of the graph scale. This sector looks pretty good in the present scenario and in the future it is expected to grow by leaps and bounds thus increasing the pay packages as well as future opportunities. It certainly is a good opportunity for all the research enthusiasts.

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