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Commutation Stress: The Dilemma Of Distances Commutation Stress: The Dilemma Of Distances

Posted on: April 19th, 2010 / In: Job Seeker

In a country like India, where there is always mayhem in the name of employment, people go to any limits to get a job. The major organizations are concentrated in the metro cities. So when it is about getting associated with big names and huge brands, one has to put a lot at stake to get there. Aspirant employees even consider relocation to be a part of the corporate. They leave their native place, part with their families and move into a congested, ill furnished residence with poor amenities. The saddest part is that many could not even consider the option of relocation. Women employees in particular, are forced to shed their career aspirations just because of the distance factor.

Thankfully, there still is a silver lining. Jobspert is the name.

Consider the scenario prevalent in Delhi a decade or so ago. It was the time when the BPO industry was at its infancy. There was an assimilation of the entire outsourcing industry in the outskirts of the metropolitan, named Gurgaon. Now the career prospects offered by these industries were so lucrative that the entire talent hub flocked towards them. People relocated from the interiors and far ends of Delhi and also from all the parts of the country. Huge employment opportunities and hefty packages; who would think twice to go for it? However, before long the demerits of staying away from the family and surviving on junk became prominent. Those who opted to commute to and fro from their residence resented even more due to long traveling hours and huge expenses. Even if the companies provided pick and drop facilities it became really hard to manage the routine ups and downs to work.

No matter how skilled and proficient the women employees are, they are not able to give due preferences to their career graph due to their inabilities to travel far. Blame it on their family responsibilities or social insecurities, female workers are generally forced to turn down fantastic job offers due to this very reason. Jobs involving night shifts and overtimes become totally out-of-question for some. So what can be a possible solution? There is no denying the fact that there are wonderful job openings in the local areas as well. But there ought to be a way to track them. Jobspert the online job portal has devised a spectacular tool by which one can spot job openings in their area or in the surrounding areas. In a bid to strike a prominence in the job market, Jobspert has focused on the major requirements and dilemmas of the job seekers and the employers.

Employees are certainly the sufferers in the whole scenario of far-off workplaces. But they are not the only sufferers. Even the organizations don’t benefit a lot from those who travel long distances to reach office. This is because traveling stress drains the vigor and energy out of them. They gradually lose interest in their jobs as physical strain wears them out and their potential reduces a great deal. Definitely this is the last thing any employer would want from his workers. Therefore they reserve their preference to those who live within an easily accessible region or those who can relocate to a nearby area. This again is an unfair penalty on those who have the adequate skills still fail to procure a decent job. Jobspert has launched itself into an arena which is already under the reign of many. There is no denying the fact that there are scores of job portals scattered across the web. Hence it becomes harder for any other site of the same genre to make its mark unless it has something that sets it apart from the others. So Jobpspert resolved to focus on the issues that deter the job seekers from giving their career graph a hike. It has unique features that concentrate on the regular job related dilemmas regarding both employers and the employees. One of the major concerns as discussed above is the problem of far-off work places. Jobspert probed into the scenario and devised a solution that not only solves the issue but opens new vistas of opportunities.

The all new, one-of-its-kind area specific search filter of Jobspert has a unique feature that sorts the jobs according to the area. That is, one can search the jobs that are in or nearby his residential area. All one has to do is feed in the pincode and search for the profile he wishes for. He gets highly refined results that not only lure him in terms of job profile and pay packages but also lie within his convenient reach. Yes, that’s a spellbinding feature that reserves a special place for Jobspert amid the crowd of job portals.

Register with Jobspert absolutely free and try out this ingenious feature. The results are fantastic. Female employees who are smitten with dejection and frustration due to their declining career graph may shed their worries. The area specific search filter offered by Jobspert is the answer to their prayers. Now they can realize their career goals with efficiency. Forget those worn out evenings, heavy traveling charges and stressful working hours. Avail the stupendous services of Jobspert and watch yourself ascending the career ladder with an unprecedented swiftness.

Jobspert’s area specific filter is not the only feature that is praise-worthy, but certainly it is one of those features that make it stand tall and proud among the websites of the similar genre. Pursue a job you would love to love; a job that won’t turn into frustration rather stay as real satisfaction.

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