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Posted on: October 6th, 2010 / In: Pharma Jobs

Hospital doctors apply medical knowledge and skills to the diagnosis, prevention and management of disease. They work in wards and out-patient clinics, predominantly in the public sector but also in the private sector. Treating patients, as well as they refer them to a wide range of other health care professionals, including nurses, radiographers, pharmacists and physiotherapists. Family and general practitioners are often the first doctors that people go to when they get sick, these doctors treat common problems. They also send patients to other doctors, called specialists. Specialists are experts in specific types of health problems. For example, internists focus on problems with internal organs. Pediatricians care for children and babies. Surgeons perform operations, like fixing broken bones or transplanting organs.

Most doctors are doctors of medicine (M.D.) and they treat all kinds of diseases and injuries. Some doctors are doctors of osteopathic medicine (D.O.). They focus on muscles and bones. Of all jobs, being a doctor usually pays the most money, and specialists usually make more. How much they earn also depend on how long they had been doctors as well as the area of they have been working.

Job opportunities for doctors are expected to be good, especially in rural and low-income areas. Some of these areas do not have enough doctors, though the toil is as enormous as the reward is, as only through hardwork and dedication can one be a successful doctor. And the educational qualification too is as demanding and stressful, there are limited number seats reserved for MBBS which is the basic graduation degree in Medicine and is 5 years course, and specialization for particular fields takes another 2-3 years followed by practice.

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