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Posted on: October 6th, 2010 / In: HR Jobs

Describing the individuals who comprise the workforce of an organization, though applicably it is used in labor economics, but for the industrial and business sector the term is HR. HR stands for Human Resource. Considering labor and employees as resource that can be utilized for the mutual development of both the company and its staff has been there since long, but in recent times company management have established a division that that caters to find the best employee, who shall be a asset than a liability to the company, this department is known as the HR Department and those who work here are known as HR Executives headed by the HR Manager. The work of the HR department involves every thing that is related to recruiting beginning from Hiring and culminating in Firing!

The Role of a HR executive is quite simply the essential commodity that packs the entire department, as he/she is the one who provides HR administrative functions in the areas of recruitment, training and development of people and performance management, social welfare as well as updating and maintenance of HR records. Coordinating and negotiating with employment agents and other endorsement agents on service fee, advertisement recruitment and preparing and publishing the interview schedules. Conducting interviews up to Senior Executive levels and arranging interviews for management levels. Preparing Offer Letters to the selected candidates and informing the unsuccessful candidates about their failure. Conducting exit interview and orientation program for the new employees etc.

HR executive job has the minimum requirement of having a Post Graduation or MBA in HR Management, as well as hands on and practical experience in HR Management, and above all a good understanding of human behavior and Organizational Behavior. Should be a avid observer and should understand what human movements and expression means, a base in psychology is recommended.

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