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Posted on: October 6th, 2010 / In: HR Jobs, Manager Jobs

Human resources managers manage the needs of a company’s employees. They develop and manage employment programs, salary compensation and job evaluations, benefits, promotions, equal opportunity initiatives, and education and training programs. In large companies one human resources manager may be in charge of each of these areas. However, in small or medium companies the human resources manager may manage the human resources operation of the entire business.

Human resources managers must be highly qualified and experienced. There are many state and federal regulations in place to protect employees, and the manager must know and follow these regulations. If a company’s hiring or promotion policies do not follow these regulations, the government may penalize it. Some Major Functions are as follows:

Resource Hunting and Recruitment

The entire process of recruitment is monitored by the human resource manager. The human resource manager’s duties consist of job posting, hiring, conducting recruitment exams (if any) and interviewing.

Coaching the Employees

Training the employees is another important duty of a human resource manager. Why is training so essential? Well, every organization has its specific organizational culture and it is expected that the employees follow it. Induction and orientation lectures are the initial periods of training, wherein the employees get to know the work culture of the company.

Motivation and Performance Appraisal

Motivation is a key to trigger the performance of an employee. An average employee may turn into an outstanding performer on being motivated. A human resource manager conducts sessions and lectures that keep the employees aware about the growing competition in the market and the need to constantly upgrade the skills of the employees.

Salary and Payroll Negotiations

Though salary related issues are a responsibility of the accounts department of the firm, still, in the initial stages of recruitment, the human resource manager handles the salary issues of an employee.

Employee Satisfaction and Feedback

Are the employees satisfied with the facilities of the firm? Are any issues that are causing unrest among the employees There may be differences in the ideas/opinions of the various employees, hence it is the duty of the HR Manager to salvage these issues.

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