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Jobs In Ahmedabad Jobs In Ahmedabad

Posted on: May 8th, 2010 / In: Ahmedabad Jobs

Fast booming jobs in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad once considered a town of Dhokla and Kachoris and known for its Kurtis is now emerging into fast moving hub for both technically and financially, and has turned itself as the Prominent city of the state of Gujarat. And thus the job opportunity is opening up.

The textile hub that Ahmedabad was and still is; but today is ventured with Pharmaceuticals and IT companies and is crowded with construction companies that are changing the face of the city… Real Estate is another prominent area of business whilst Construction is recruiting a huge number of individuals. Pharmacy is a prominent recruiter in the market too. While IT companies are penetrating the market and it is for sure they will create a lot of opportunity in this field. Education centers that are holding the helm of both cultural and technological growth of both the city and the country are another area where there is string job opportunity. Pioneered by IIM (A) and MICA the education sector of this city is creating both Job opportunity and capable individuals who can foray into the vacant cavity of Jobs.

The civic and transportation amenities that the Municipal provides is lucrative for any business to flourish hence it is not surprising for Ahmedabad is being flooded with so many companies that are growing aggressively towards heights and creating Job opportunities for individuals there. Thus jobs in Ahmedabad is turning into Paradise for Job seekers…

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