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Jobs In Aligarh Jobs In Aligarh

Posted on: May 27th, 2010 / In: Jobs In India

Aligarh is a city in Aligarh District towards the north of Uttar Pradesh, the city is located southeast of New Delhi, and is the administrative headquarters of Aligarh District, and has an estimated population of half a million. It is mostly known as a university town where the famous Aligarh Muslim University is located. Alligarh is situated in the middle portion of Doab, or the land between the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers.

An approximation puts the total number of industries at 25,000 which constitute of both Small scale & Large Scale Industries. It is known as the lock city of India, and houses India’s Second lock manufacturer in the City. Manufacturing Industry constitutes the vast majority of the Industries in Aligarh, and these industries are the major provider of jobs in Aligarh. The city also houses some major retail outlets, who have put up their showroom in the city, and this (retail) industry is booming like never before in Aligarh, and is fast becoming one of the major providers of jobs in Aligarh. Aligarh is also house to many agricultural product processing units that are quite famous in and around the city, and are also one of the major providers of jobs in Aligarh. Aligarh is also famous as a destination for education, Aligarh University is a world famous institution, and one of the oldest universities in the country, and there are also other education centers in the city that are other institutes that provide quality education as well as a good amount of jobs in Aligarh. Aligarh is also a tourist destination, and tourism industry is also quite famous profession in the city, and this industry also provides a lot of opportunities of jobs in Aligarh. Construction and Real Estate is also an excellent provider of jobs in Aligarh.

4 Responses to “Jobs In Aligarh” 4 Responses to “Jobs In Aligarh”

  1. dhiraj yadav says:

    i want job in aligarh.

  2. Satya Prakash Gupta says:

    bla bla bla

  3. Satya Prakash Gupta says:

    Right now i am working in iEnerziger, its a BPO. I am working here as a associate. My process is Real Time World. It’s a UK, USA, Europe based process. I am a native of aligarh, my contact no. is 08010426853, and i am looking a for a job in aligarh

  4. Richa Jain says:

    I am Post Graduate(M.A)from A.M.U and a very good computer knowledge and i want computer job in Aligarh only.If any vacancy is there in Aligarh Please contact me on my mobile(my mobile 9259511766).I know all computer packages(Ms Office,Tally,HTMl,Photoshop etc. etc. etc.

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