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Jobs In Bangalore Jobs In Bangalore

Posted on: May 8th, 2010 / In: Bangalore Jobs

Open Season for Jobs In Bangalore

Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, has become the new hunting ground for Job Seekers, and surely enough the Hunt is good with n-number of Job’s in the city…, no one would go empty handed in the Garden City.

For the last two decades Bangalore is the IT hub as well as the largest provider of IT Jobs In India, with prominent IT companies like Oracle, Infosys, Sun Microsystems, Texas Instruments, Wipro, Dell, Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo, NetApp, McAfee, Bearing Point, Fidelity, ANZ, LG, Covansys, Synergy, PSI Data, Target, Misys, Dendrite, Silken, BPL Sanyo, OpenSilicon and Lenovo. With these giants the job rush in Bangalore can never be contained, it would be creating more and more opportunities… Creating another stir in the job sector of Bangalore is the presence of manufacturing and engineering giants like Bharat Electronic Ltd, Bharat Heavy Electronics Ltd, Indian Telephone Industries, Bharat Earth Movers Ltd, Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT) and Hindustan Motors. This is not all; then there are lifestyle and tourism companies that operate primarily from Bangalore and prominent among them is Kingfisher and its parent company United Beverages (UB).., thus creating the opportunity for Job seekers.

Having viable resources both geographical as well as of man-power; companies that are scouting suitable location for establishing firms- Bangalore is considered as one of the prime most area these days… As the visionaries who architected the metropolitan structure of Bangalore envisaged… a city with most modern amenities… Bangalore has really become the bee hive that MNC’s look for… thus creating more and more jobs in Bangalore.

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