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Jobs In Latur Jobs In Latur

Posted on: May 24th, 2010 / In: Jobs In India

Latur is a City and District in Maharashtra state of India. It is well known for its Quality of Education, Administration, and food grains trade and oil mills. Before 1948, Latur was a part of Hyderabad state under Nizam. After independence and the merger of Hyderabad with the Indian Union, Osmanabad became part of the Province of Bombay. In 1960, with the creation of Maharashtra, it became one of its districts. On August 15, 1982, a separate Latur district was formed out of Osmanabad district. Latur is a tourist hub, with many historical monuments including the Kharosa Caves, as well as Sri Satya Sai Baba Temple.

Latur is classic example of efforts of state government towards balanced industrialization of state and with players like Tinna Oils, Kirti Gold, Videocon, and Kalantry Group’s Agro Processing and dal manufacturing units, Latur has aggressively turned to real Industrial city, from its erstwhile agrarian self and these industries are major providers of jobs in Latur. There are many companies with their bases for manufacturing units in Latur, and these industries also provide major opportunities of Jobs in Latur. Then there is the powerful and knowledgeable education sector that provides Job opportunities in Latur. Latur also has many oil refineries and edible processing industries that also provides, evidently more than enough opportunities in Jobs in Latur.

With the advent of SEZ, there would high rush companies that would want to set up there businesses in Latur city, and this would evidently mean that more and more opportunities and jobs are created in Latur.

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  1. Rahul Ashokrao Patil says:


  2. shankar madkatte from bhalki dist- bidar says:

    i am completed MBA from guru nanak dev engg college, bidar (karanataka) form VTU university

  3. anita shinde says:

    i am anita shinde complited BE IN ELECTRONIC &TELECOMUNICATIONIN 2010 .I am good at good english .and good in presentation.good at technical knowledge, i want to domy job in latur & osmamnabad

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