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Jobs In Patna Jobs In Patna

Posted on: May 25th, 2010 / In: Jobs In India

Jobs in PatnaSituated on the southern bank of the Ganges, Patna is the capital of the state of Bihar, India and is the 14th most populous city in India, as well as and 168th in the world, it is also the second largest city in Eastern India after Kolkata. Patna is the 21st-fastest growing city in the world whilst it ranks 5th in India. In 2009, the World Bank ranked Patna as the second-best city in India to start a business, after Delhi. Patna is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world. During the Magadha Empire, the city was known as Pataliputra and was the capital of the empire, around 300 BCE and the City was also a famous seat of learning and fine arts.

Since early days Patna has a Patna has a rich socioeconomic background, the city today houses both traditional as well as modern industries in its economic arsenal, Patna has a service industry and its rapidly and it is the only industry that is prominent provider of employment in various jobs in Patna. Patna is also a growing real estate market and hence it has an abundance of opportunities in the construction area, there are also jobs in Patna’s Retail industries. Patna also has a lot of growing number of Multinational Companies one of them being TCS, who are naturally one largest employers and opportunity providers in various job vacancies in Patna. Education is another industry that has tremendous opportunity and jobs in Patna.

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