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Logistics Coordinator Job Logistics Coordinator Job

Posted on: October 6th, 2010 / In: Operations Jobs

Logistics is actually an area of operation that is intensely busy; it is one of those jobs that sees a lot of action, manual labor and stressful hard-work, both mentally and physically. One may find himself/herself in a battle ground whilst working in a Logistics department of a company, and really it is really like a battle field, sans the Ammunition. And to coordinate such an area of operation is as tough a job as cracking a stone with your bare hands, yet it is quite wholesomely yielding profession, where “Problems are the opportunity and Difficulty is the step forward!” Logistics coordinators job is as metaphoric as it comes, and it’s always a profession that you can devout your life to, for it will give you back in tons.

The duties that form a Logistics Coordinator’s job include utilizing various transportation provider software systems, to facilitate material movement planning and scheduling. Preparing and updating monthly logistics, schedule to assure deliveries to production locations and coordinating the product delivery schedules with customers and tracking   location and movement of inventory of finished goods and raw materials via rail, road, and Air. Providing reports to internal and external customers as required and assisting in obtaining necessary transportation permits for inbound and outbound shipments, as required facilitating timely Transportation and ensuring inventory levels by monitoring of the system information and other database and ERP modules, and updating them timely.

Logistic coordinators job requires a minimum Post Graduation or an MBA in Logistics Management, though companies prefer candidates with a lot of hands on experience in the Logistics industry, and people who are not subdued or carried away by intense pressure and stress, as logistics has become an integral part of a companies equation and is actually a determining factor in the sales process, hence the responsibility of a Logistic coordinator’s job is very much huge.

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