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Posted on: October 6th, 2010 / In: Pharma Jobs

Pharmacy is one the most niche area of operation, which is seclude in the veil of un-notice, thanks to limited buzz it creates, BSc and MSc graduates and Post Graduates, who pass out every year in thousand, never a maula out of things if they get job, unlike others. Pharmacy industries have been consctantly on the rise since long last decade, and would increase thanks to the policy and population in the country. In 2004 the pharmaceutical industry employed 290,000 people. There are many professional and technical workers employed in the pharmaceutical industry. Nearly 30 percent of all employees are scientists, engineers, or technicians. Many of these workers do research and test new drugs.

Tremendous Job opportunities are possessed by this industry, furthered even more by the SEZ and various other government initiative as well as the coming up of various International Giants in to the Indian Pharmacy Market. Jobs are sprouting up in every pharmacy related field, and the face of the pharmacy industry, which was once defined by bag carrying Medical Representatives have now changed to more professionally, attired Laptop yielding Sales Executives. Pharmacy jobs in Malls and other multinational company are open as consultants and there scores of positions that are sprouting up in and around the country that are to be filled in fast.

Education and training requirements vary depending on the kind of job you want. Many companies offer training programs for their employees. Some cover part or all of the cost of college courses that employees take to improve their performance. Usually a pharmacy job requires degree and post graduate degree in Pharmacy science, Chemistry, or Physics, from reputed institutes and colleges. Pharmacy specialization courses are also readily available through out various colleges as well, MBA and other specialization courses are also quite useful too, for a Job in the pharmacy industry.

2 Responses to “Pharma Jobs” 2 Responses to “Pharma Jobs”

  1. shaikh rafiq bashier says:

    hard work is akey of sucess

  2. shaikh rafiq bashier says:

    hard work is akey of sucess pharmacy field is evergreen field

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