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Receptionist Jobs Receptionist Jobs

Posted on: October 6th, 2010 / In: Admin Jobs

A receptionist is usually the first person a visitor, client or patient meets or speaks to on the phone. As a receptionist it’s down to you to make that all important, good first impression, so above anything else you’ll need to have a good rapport with people to make them feel looked after and at ease.┬áThe world is your oyster when deciding where you want to work as just about every organisation has at least one receptionist. If you don’t think the corporate world is for you, think about becoming a receptionist at a school or hospital or if you have a passion for sport, you could think about working at a leisure centre.

Larger companies tend to have busier reception desks so here you might be part of a small reception and security team. Working for a small company you’ll be able to take on some additional administrative work. If you choose to work as a doctors’ or dentists’ receptionist you’ll probably be expected to make appointments as part of the job. In addition to greeting visitors, receptionists frequently answer phones, compose documents and letters, and perform other clerical tasks around the office. In many firms the receptionist keeps a log of each day’s visitors, noting arrival and departure times. Other duties may include taking down client’s personal information, sorting mail, maintaining a log of employee attendance, proofreading outgoing letters, reports, and e-mails, and keeping the reception area neat.

All kinds of businesses employ receptionists, from beauty shops to factories to doctors’ offices. In these and many other businesses, the pleasant demeanor of an efficient receptionist is an asset.

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