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Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund

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According to the Bombay Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1953, Every Labour is entitled to some fringe benefits other than his/her salary so as to use it incase of an emergency. The in legislative terms the act can be described as: An Act to provide for the constitution of a Fund for the financing of activities to promote welfare of labour in the State of Maharashtra for conducting such activities and for certain other purposes.

What exactly does this fund consist of:

The Fund shall consist of-

(a) all fines realized from the employees.

(b) unpaid accumulations transferred to the Fund

(bb) any penal interest paid

(bbb) any contribution paid

(c) any voluntary donations;

(d) any fund transferred

(e) any sum borrowed

(f) any loan, grant-in-aid or subsidy paid by the Government.

These are things that are exclusively stated in the Law.


Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund is applicable to all companies and includes every employee, including employee through contractor, but not a managerial capacity or supervisor capacity drawing more than 3500/- pm.


As mentioned above Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund (MLWF) is institutionalized by the Bombay Welfare Labour Welfare Act of 1953 passed by the state government under the provision provided by the Directive Principles of State Policy, Constitution of India.

The submission of MAHARASHTRA LABOUR WELFARE FUND is mandatory, just like PF and Income Tax.

Regulatory Body:

The Regulatory Body that handles Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund is know as the Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board (MLWB), it is at this board, one has to submit his/her MLWF files and documentation. There are regional offices that are distributed district wise through out the state.


Calculation of MLWB is done, just through the contribution of both the company as well as the labourer. The employees contribution is Rs. 6.00 for an employee who earns Rs. 3000/- while it is Rs.12 for those who earn more than 3000. Whereas the company contributes is three times what the employee contributes, that is – Rs.18 and Rs. 36 for employees who draw Rs. 3000 and more than Rs. 3000 respectively.

MLWF is not applicable to those who are neither in the Managerial position nor in the supervisory position.

MLWF is filed twice a year in the month of June and December.

5 Responses to “Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund” 5 Responses to “Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund”

  1. Nanasaheb says:

    1) We having 15 Managers like department wise. it is necessary to deduct the LWF of all of them.

    2) Our company had paid the LWF in the 2008, since from that time nobody has entertain the LWF in year 2009 & 2010, so what would be process of to start the LWF. Please guide…………………

    Thank You
    Nanasaheb Kolage

  2. SHARAN says:

    You can pay the contributions in the current financial period clearly mentioning the period of contribution in the form at once with an acknowledgement to you for the payment. Along the side you need to submit the employees registers for the period mentioning their Employee ID numbers and names with the salary figures and contribution calculation.


  3. usually says:

    a good deal addiitional info along with this sort of concern on websites, notice.

  4. Rupesh P. Parte says:

    Is the MLWF act is applicable for a security agency?

  5. tayadeishwar says:

    useful for unnone newly join in job THANKS

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