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Placement Papers: Leading the way to success

Getting a job is a hefty task as it is, and when it is about getting associated with a brand name, it certainly requires stretching the limits. However hard it may be, a fulfilling career is one of the sweetest fruits in this rat race of highly competitive...
Getting a job is a hefty task as it is, and when it is about getting associated with a brand name, it certainly requires stretching the limits. However hard it may be, a fulfilling career is one of the sweetest fruits in this rat race of highly competitive urban world. Sooner or later, everyone heads for it. Earlier, a decent qualification was the entry pass to those 'big' organizations. However, gradually, as the competition becomes more and more fierce, these frosty-nosed, high profile companies have made the entry door even narrower. Now even if your resume shows sizeable and significant degrees which you may have acquired working your fingers to the bone, it becomes 'just another application' on the desk of the HR. This happens especially with freshers who wish to give a worthy kickstart to their career. Placement papers come as a messiah at this juncture as they help the candidates crack those placement examinations by showing them the reflection of the real scenario.

If examined from the companies' point of view, the stringency of selection is not that unfair. Since the top companies have gained the prefix 'top' on account of their highly exceptional employees, how can they settle for anything less that the best? Just acquiring degrees from top institutions does not suffice the set standards of expectations of these reputed names. They have a heady task of picking the shiniest gems for themselves. And that is the reason, they carry out numerous selection tests to sieve out the 'not so extraordinary' candidates leaving behind the unsurpassable talents to work for them. The selection exams are highly tricky and testing. They are set with an intention to bring out the unexplored and hidden skills of the candidates. Every company has its own criterion and pattern for the examination. Hence, pre-preparation is indispensable.

Placement papers help the candidates prepare themselves well before appearing in the real exams. These papers are samples of the real questions which the candidates will be facing during the selection exam. The famed companies in India like Wipro, TCS, Dell, Infosys, IBM etc. judge the candidates according to their marks in the written interview. The written test is the first of the series of assessments the candidate is required to go through. The written examination can be the most hard-hitting as well. Since every other college graduate wants to be a part of these big names, there is a multitude of rivaling applications trying to make their way in. Hence, it shouldn't come as a surprise if you are left back by just a fraction. Therefore, it is very important to be prepared mentally as well as intellectually to face those hard pressing questions. Once you are familiar of the type of questions that will be put to you, you can leave the rest on you intellect. Job seekers across the world are thus, constantly on a look out for placement papers the moment they come to know about the available vacancy.

Placement papers of Infosys, Wipro, TCS and IBM are among the most searched keywords. Thousands of aspiring candidates ardently search and a keep a stack of placement papers of various companies. These placement papers are actual questions from the previously conducted exams. Since the pattern is ideally, expected to remain the same, the candidates find great solace in them. These sample papers act as great pillars of support to them.

It is always advisable to conduct a mock test for oneself to assess the strengths and weaknesses. Try solving the placement papers as if you are at the selection centre. Expose yourself to those demanding and grueling questions. Be strict to yourself when it comes to assessments. Mark yourself well. Analyze the points where you did well and most importantly, the areas where you couldn't fair well. Now you have a fair assessment of your strong and weak points. Working on them is no big deal. You can get great help online. There are numerous question papers of all levels available on the net. The more you practice, the better you become. Watch yourself growing as an expert and maturing to face the real challenge of the demanding corporate world. You will see your skills polished to sheen before you display them to the selection committee. Placement papers are handy to such an extent. You just need to make the most of them.

Placement papers are available online in great numbers. The sources can be myriad. There are candidates who, after appearing for the test, cared to post the questions online to help the other aspiring candidates. Since the question papers are not given to the students after the exams, the questions posted by random candidates after the test are based on the memory. You may not get all the questions. Nevertheless, advises from those who had been in the similar platform as you will be, are always helpful.

To fair well in any exam, apart from having a right intellect, one needs to have the right attitude and mode of preparation. While you prepare for the exams, give proper stress to the following points:

- Ideally, the selection exams have negative marking strategies. That means, you cannot go about picking the answers by fluke. The papers are set with negative marking to minimize the stroke of luck. After all, all they need is pure talents that can magnify their productivity.

- The placement papers of different companies follow a different pattern. Don't remain under an impression that if you cracked the papers of IBM, you can do well at TCS too. The difference can be vast.

- There are hordes of sample placement papers available online. You must look at the right website with proper keywords. Download as many papers you get. You need hefty practice to get through those narrow 'slits', which these companies call as 'openings' or 'vacancies'.

There is no denying the fact that getting the job of your dreams requires you to put in hefty efforts. However, while working your way into those named and famed corporate dens, keep in mind the beefy pay package and the repute you will earn once you are in. You will forget fretting, the next second.

Placement Papers: Your guiding light in selection exams

Whether it is for freshers or experienced candidates, entry into organizations like Wipro, TCS and Accenture is not such an easy victory. People spend half of their lives crying on the stiff doors of these companies but they just do not budge. Managing a job ...
Whether it is for freshers or experienced candidates, entry into organizations like Wipro, TCS and Accenture is not such an easy victory. People spend half of their lives crying on the stiff doors of these companies but they just don't budge. Managing a job of your choice under these 'biggies' of the corporate world is a long row to hoe. Still the lust for a handsome paycheck and the pride of holding the employee card of these multinational corporate giants persuade a multitude of aspirants every year to try their luck. Unfortunately, luck is just not a factor in this battle. These companies need highly polished skills as their productivity spinners, not some puppets of luck. That is the reason, they make the entries to their organization so narrow that only a pro can manage a look inside. The stringent selection tests help them sieve out the 'ordinary', leaving behind the creamy layer. Here the placement papers come to play.

The placement papers can very well be called the leading light amid all those severe selection criteria. The aspiring candidates who realize the importance of these placement test papers, do all that it takes to acquire them. Some keep stacks of them for practice. It is always helpful to have a prior idea of the type of questions one would be facing in the real examination. The company placement papers give you an intimation of the pattern and type of questions that will be put to you during the assessment

There was a time, when a first division degree from a substantial institute used to be your entry pass to the highest employing company in the city. But surely, those are bygone years. Today, the competition in the employment sector has become literally 'breakneck' and the employers have a wide choice of candidates before them- Good, better and the best. Clearly, for the amount they pay, the first two categories of candidates are considered mediocre. The hefty salary package and the fame of working with the world leaders are reserved only for the last category- that is, for the best.

After all, a company is practically nothing without its employees. If you think Infosys is the topmost name in the IT sector, you ought to mean that Infosys employees are the brightest and the most skilled of all. So why would one settle for something which is even a fraction less than the best? The intention of these companies becomes even more prominent when rather than focusing on the experienced ones, they go on an expedition across the colleges and institutes to pick the shiniest gems. The selection committee of these organizations believes in buying fresh cakes straight from the oven. Hence they conduct college placements to hire the blooming talents. Of Course, there is a selection test in college placements as well. The students who are sincere enough to catch hold of this golden opportunity get through these exams. They look for the latest placement papers online and familiarize themselves with the pattern of questions set by these organizations every year.

Ideally, every company has its own preferences and thus their definition of an ideal candidate for a particular post differs. That is why, the pattern of placement question paper also vary a lot. If an employer thinks his employee should have immense analytical skills, the other might prefer someone with a presence of mind and logical reasoning. Hence, the weightage of sections in the campus placement papers is differs with every other company. This makes the significance of sample placement papers even more prominent. To equip the students with the pattern of questions going to be put up by the company conducting the placements, a look through the placement papers is a must.

Infact there are students who appear for these placement exams, after rigorous practice of the sample placement papers. If the student or the candidate, to be precise, fairs well in the selection examination he will be considered for the next round of assessments, which are far less demanding than the written exam. The written technical exam is the major lap which needs to be covered. The placement papers are available online in huge numbers. There are a number of websites that concentrate solely on job aspirants. Hence, they make available old and new company placement papers. Candidates can download these sample papers in pdf format. Once you familiarize yourself with type and pattern of the questions in the selection exams, consider half the battle won. Generally, students feel themselves going week in their knees the moment they face the questions. This won't be a problem once you know the intensity of hardness of the questions beforehand.

Furthermore, it must be kept in mind that the company placement exams impose negative marking to curb out the luck factor. If you are among those who keep on ticking the choices randomly, then you must be extra cautious. Your stroke of luck may not work here. One incorrect answer would cost you considerable points. So it is always advisable to attempt only those questions which you feel certain about.

Time is again a very harsh factor in these placement exams. Ideally, there are about 200 objective type questions to be attempted within a stipulated time, which is generally an hour. Moreover, there are 4-5 sections of these papers, each focusing on different domains of skills- logical reasoning, English, mathematics, general awareness etc. It is inevitable to attempt each section equally and sufficiently. You should display your mettle in every domain to be eligible for the job. Placement papers help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses before the D-Day. Work on your weak ends and polish your strengths, so that you become and undisputed choice for the job.

Placement Papers for selection exams: Why are they so important?

Employment is one of the gravest issues that haunt every young mind. The moment one steps out of the college holding that precious degree, the next challenge that awaits him is getting the job of his dreams. Everyone aspires to be a part of the company that is the leader ...
Employment is one of the gravest issues that haunt every young mind. The moment one steps out of the college holding that precious degree, the next challenge that awaits him is getting the job of his dreams. Everyone aspires to be a part of the company that is the leader in its own domain. Working for the world leader is a dream that every job seeker has somewhere in his mind. But the higher the aspirations, the harder it is to reach them. Getting into multinational companies is not as easy as dropping into a company with a resume, impressing the HR with the gift of the gab and walking away with the appointment letter. To possess the employee ID of brand names like TCS, Wipro and Infosys, you need to pass the selection examination set in a way that brings out the best in every candidate. The selection committee is left with the task of picking up the brightest of the bright minds. Here is where the need of sample placement papers is felt the most.

The selection exams of these big brands are extremely stringent. Not that the companies don't want the candidates to pass. It is because there is a huge boom of fresh graduates every year, who get drifted towards the already appalling crowd of candidates trying their luck into these corporate giants. Blame it on the generous pay package which these companies offer or the fame of being picked by the world leaders, every year majority of young graduates put in all they have to get through these heady examinations.

To add to the woes, these big brands choose not to follow each others' exam patterns. Though it may seem like an unfair atrocity on the candidates, it is actually an inevitable requirement. Every company sees an ideal employee in a different light. For every selection board the preferences differ a lot. Some may prefer people with great analytical ability to work for them, others may want logically prompt and sound employees. For this reason, the placement papers set by these companies focus on their own preferred domains. Thus it is very important to prepare for the exam beforehand so that the candidate is prepared intellectually for the task at hand. Sample placement papers of different companies give you an idea as to which type of questions will be put to you on the day of assessment. These papers give you intimation about the domain the company will be focusing on. A mere glance at these placement papers would be enough to make clear what the company wants to see in its prospective employees. This is the reason, why most of the aspiring candidates strive to get the company placement papers by any possible means. It won't be an exaggeration to call these placement papers the key to the doors of corporate giants.

As an instance, let's consider TCS, the global IT magnate. The company has a tremendous turnover and leads the outsourcing, IT and business solutions industry. Every year, when TCS opens its recruitments, hundreds of candidates from across the country throng for the assessments, despite knowing the fact that only a handful of them are going to be picked up. The placement papers set by the company is not tough but certainly has the capability to bring out the caliber of the candidates. These papers are set with an intension to sort out the extraordinary. To face this challenge, pre-preparation is a must.

Sample placement papers can make a good candidate, the best. There are scores of them available online. Internet has a great collection of latest placement papers for possibly every multinational company. All you need is to do a bit of online search. You will be surprised to see millions like you searching and requesting for placement papers. Forums like Yahoo! Answers is filled with queries from fresh graduates, seasonal employees and experienced professionals as to where can they find old and new placement papers of different companies. Ideally, you can find online help from those who have recently appeared for selection exams conducted by these reputed companies . Although you won't find the entire question paper from this source, as the companies do not allow the candidates to take away the placement question papers. Whatever questions you'll find, will be based on the memory. Certainly, even that helps a lot.

There are a number of other sources who focus entirely on job placements, employment and selection tests. Such websites offer placement papers of various companies as well. You will find a lot of them. So keep piling them up. These placement question papers will give you enough practice opportunities.

Analyze your strong points and work on them so that you eliminate chances of losing points on them. Then find out the areas where you think you are not good enough and practice hard. These selection exams have four to five categories of questions and a candidate must fair well in all the categories. Give your best in the domains, where you think you are unbeatable but don't forget to stress at least averagely on other areas. Precisely, it is about being the jack of all trades and master of one.

Placement papers help you get across another harsh factor in these selection exams. They help you manage your time during the exams. Usually there are 200 to 250 questions in these papers and just an hour to finish with them. You have the task of segregating each section properly so that you get sufficient time to pass every section. This is not as easy as it seems. Many brilliant minds fail to manage well with the time and miss their chance of getting selected.

If you have the placement papers in your hand, you can practice the art of time management with them. You won't go all nervous at the sight of so many questions and the clock ticking away with jet speed. Hence, sample placement papers are the best ways to give a headstart to your bright and prospering career with multinational giants.

Beyond the horizon life seems brighter.

Placement Paper: Your route to success

We are in an age where being good is almost like not being good at all. The word 'good' is considered synonymous to 'mediocre'. Only the 'best' is valued. Consider for example the employment scenario. If you dream ...
We are in an age where being good is almost like not being good at all. The word 'good' is considered synonymous to 'mediocre'. Only the 'best' is valued. Consider for example the employment scenario. If you dream to work for the 'best' companies, you cannot afford being average. The IT giants and the leading BPO and service industries boast of possessing the most potent skills. They have the tendency to pick the most adept professionals. They know the art of spotting diamond among the glass pieces. This quality keeps them ahead of all and fetches them the fame of being the corporate giants. That is the reason, they treasure their employees and maintain the standard whenever it comes to recruitments.

The selection boards of companies like TCS, Wipro and Infosys are said to have 'hawk eyes'. They have the knack of recognizing true talents. Whenever these companies declare vacancies, a multitude of candidates from far and wide horde in for an attempt. The number of applications for a single vacancy is so huge that it would have taken ages for the selection committee to pick the worthy candidate had it not been for the placement exams. The placement exams are hence conducted to make life easier for the HR personnel and the selection team. These exams sieve out the candidates who are unsuitable for the job, leaving behind the ones with high caliber and sharp intellect. These candidates are further assessed and the final set of selected employees is produced. Ideally, all those who manage to get through the first and the most crucial round of assessment, the written technical exam, have a fair chance for being selected for the job. So, the placement exams should be given due importance and one should not leave any stones unturned in these exams.

The sample placement papers give the candidates a sigh of relief as they give them a fair idea of the questions in the real placement exams. The placement exams as said earlier are tools which the companies' selection teams use to sort the best from the rest. The questions are divided among various sections like mathematics, English language, logical analysis, reasoning, programming, quantitative aptitude etc. Each company has its own preference. The idea of an ideal employee differs quite a lot in the opionion of different companies. Some may prefer a candidate with exceptional reasoning skills, others may consider a person with great computing and programming ability as an ideal employee. Thus different companies value different traits. This is the reason, every company prefers to have a separate test pattern for candidate selection. This is certainly the cause of fretting among the job seekers as they have to go through different patterns and type of questions every time they apply for a new company.

Placement papers help the students and the job seekers a great deal. They lay out the company's assessment strategy afore the aspirers and help them gain confidence for facing the real exam. The sample placement papers are actually the questions that were put up to the previous batch of candidates. Since the pattern of the questions for a particular company generally remains the same every year, with just some slight shuffling of questions across the sections, the sample placement papers are worth practicing.

The placement papers are found in huge numbers online. With a bit of online research, one can get stacks of placement question papers for practice. There are communities online where members, who had once been in your shoes, competing for some opening in these MNCs, post questions they faced during the written technical exams and interviews. Since you are supposed to hand over the question paper on completion of the test, you will get only few questions based on memory of the candidates who have appeared for the exam recently. Additionally, you can get the placement question papers from job sites where the entire focus is on the employment needs. Such sites are haven for job seekers are fresh graduates as they get whatever they need on such websites. They keep on intimating you about any openings in your field of study; extend high cadre resume development services and have a huge collection of placement papers in store for job aspirants. You get an exhaustive collection of old and new placement papers in such websites. Download them in pdf format. Practice as much as you can since there are lot many things to take care during these placement exams- the time constraint, the focus given to various sections etc.

The selection panel designs the placement question papers with an intension to efficiently sieve out the inappropriate candidates. These placement papers have almost 250 questions in total divided across the sections. The task at hand is that the candidate has to fair well in every section. Failing to qualify in a single section can straight away lead to rejection. So the candidate needs to divide the available time among the sections with such tact that he gets enough time to attempt every section with ease. To top all this, these exams have negative marking strategies as well. That means, you cannot rejoice at the fact that the questions that can't crack, you can attempt them anyway. If you think you can trust you luck and keep on ticking the options randomly, you may go terribly wrong this time. One wrong answer can bring your overall score to an all-time low.

Quick thinking, alert intellect and rapid calculating ability are needed to crack the placement exams. Practicing with latest placement papers can set your boat ashore. The placement papers of previous batches can help you learn the art of time management with continuous practice. If the placement question papers are set with tact, then obviously, they are supposed to be attempted with the same dexterity. Students start collecting the sample question papers right from their final year of graduation. They certainly don't intent to miss their chance of getting selected during the college placement sessions. Continuous practice of the companies' sample placement papers will make them a pro at handling intense pressures during the exams.

Fair well with Placement Papers

The element of uncertainty makes the word 'exam' even more dreadful. Remember those tensed days during your school or college exams? The vast course curriculum that never seemed to come to an end left the mind constantly guessing the questions ...
The element of uncertainty makes the word 'exam' even more dreadful. Remember those tensed days during your school or college exams? The vast course curriculum that never seemed to come to an end left the mind constantly guessing the questions that would appear in the exams. At this juncture, the previous years' question papers used to be the only solace. Students do whatever it takes to maintain a healthy relation with their seniors so that they can get their precious notes and make life easier for them. Prior intimation of the intensity and type of assessment certainly instills great confidence. That is the reason, sample Placement papers are so much in demand among the job seekers.

When big companies announce vacancies, candidates, ten times the number of vacancies, turn up to test their mettle. Despite the fact that most of them would have to face rejection, the number of candidates keeps on increasing every year with leaps and bounds. Every fresh graduate or experienced professional craves to be picked up by the globally acclaimed multinational companies. The sense of pride experienced in calling oneself a multinational employee is beyond explanation.

Campus Placement is almost like a sacred tradition in most of the reputed Indian colleges. If you are lucky enough to be a part of the named colleges, you can make the most of your education at the college Placement programs where topmost companies from all over the world conduct a series of assessments to handpick the brightest minds to work for them. There is a technical assessment which generally happens to be a written test. This written technical examination is the first and the most crucial of all the stages. Consider half the battle won, if you manage to score well in the written test.

The leading companies of the world hold a respectable position for themselves due to the fact that they know the art of picking the best talents from the nooks and corners of the world and making them work for their benefit. If you have the potential, these world leaders won't hesitate to hire your skills at an unimaginable pay. Imagine yourself holding a hefty paycheck as your first salary! Yes, this is exactly every new graduate dreams about. And to realize this dream, he never hesitates going beyond anything. Fortunately, all one has to do is fetch some campus Placement papers that would let you have an idea of the type of questions in the real examinations. You will also get an intimation of the level of hardness of the exams and above all you will get a good chance to mend your weak points well before the exams.

Placement papers are not difficult, as such, but they certainly need a lot of practice. These papers are quite different. This is because they are set in such a manner that they can quite easily reveal your strengths and weakness. Generally, the campus Placement papers are divided into four to five sections each focusing on a certain type of intellectual capability. These sections are namely, English language, reasoning, mathematics and logical analysis. An ideal candidate must have a fair knowledge of all these domains. The companies need employees who possess exceptional communication skills, who can sort out the reason of a problem at hand and is logically sound to work out a solution. Thus any candidate who is poor even in a single section is certainly 'not acceptable'. Hence, to clear the first and the most crucial assessment, one must have the potential to pass every section with flying colors.

The sample Placement papers of previous years are the best ways to keep you ahead of all the problematic factors in these selection tests. The sample Placement papers are actually the questions that appeared in previous years' exams. Ideally, companies follow a conventional pattern and the only difference remains in the distribution of exam questions across the sections. This is a fortunate edge for the candidates as it makes the preparations a bit easier. All one has to do is, get a fair idea of the questions through latest sample Placement papers. Prepare them well and analyze your performance. Concentrate on your potent in every section. Mentally note down your strengths and weaknesses. If you find yourself weak in reasoning, then make sure you solve as many questions of this section as possible till you become a pro. Even if you find yourself doing good in a particular section, it is always advisable to keep practicing so that you eliminate all the chances of losing marks or wasting time in that section. In short, practice is the key. So collect as many Placement papers you can for extensive practicing. You can get thousands of them scattered online. Most of them are community driven, wherein people who have attempted the exams post the questions they faced and their probable answers. There are scores of such communities where you can find concerned people who post questions for the benefit of the next batch that would try its luck with these companies. You can also find valuable tips from them.

Additionally there are sites solely dedicated to employment issues, running for the benefit of job seekers. Such websites have everything you need to begin a prospering career - from career tips to job opening intimations; from resume services to Placement papers.

Another very important aspect which needs to be focused during these campus Placement exams is the time constraint. To fair well in every section, and a total of 250 objective type questions, you are granted just an hour! Your prime concern should be to divide the allotted time in such a way that you can give your best to every section. Attempt as many Placement question papers as possible while timing yourself accordingly. You will never go wrong in the real examination. Diligence is a very important attribute of an ideal employee. Collect sample company Placement papers and practice hard. Remember, life is beautiful beyond the horizons; stretch yourself a bit to reach their.

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